Designed to elevate your trading experience.

BREEZUP Premier is an exclusive trading program created for experienced traders and business partners. With 1,000,000 USDT, you can enjoy a series of exclusive product functions such as exclusive insurance and accelerated legal currency processing, including free trading of currency transactions, and first-hand access to mining pool rewards.

Trade like a pro

Liquidity, API stability, and expert service, 24/7.

Never miss a trading opportunity

Instant funding options and wire pre-crediting up to $100,000 USDT transfer funds and trade immediately.

Reduce your transaction costs

Access the lowest fees in the industry and partner exchange promotions—keep more trading profits in your wallet.

Unlock market making incentives

Earn maker rebates and additional benefits for consistent liquidity provision—improve your ROI.

Explore flexible settlement options

Reduce operational bottlenecks,improve your core business.

Get rebates on network fees

Cut the cost of frequent on-chain withdrawals—increase your margins.

Gain enhanced account management features

Generate unlimited deposit and withdrawal addresses—manage your users with ease.

Seamless fiat-to-crypto

Whether you’re a payments business, ATM operator, exchange, or a wallet provider, the best of BREEZUP is at your service.

Why Choose Us?

Premium services on a trusted platform.

Regulatory clarity and stable banking

Licensed and permissioned to operate in 180+ countries, including the US and EU. Diversified global banking infrastructure and fiat rails.

Proven technology and security

Trading infrastructure capable of processing billions of USD in daily volume. Proven security procedures, safely storing customer assets since 2013.

Global partner network

Monetize unique referral opportunities. Connect to our banking and investment partners.