The Bitcoin Alliance Group favors the SBK public chain system Smart Block Which will soon launch a 60-day mining machine reward program

SBK is a token model that perfectly combines DEFI and blockchain technology. The Bitcoin Alliance favors smart block systems. Optimistic about the development of SBK. Known as the combination of science and artificial intelligence. The Bitcoin Alliance works hand in hand with DAO developers. Smart block coins enter the token consensus economy. The Bitcoin Alliance Vqupree Aaravegm and other institutions were established. Mainly in the supervision of encrypted digital currency and promoting the development of the blockchain industry.

Smart Block is highly valued by global investment institutions, consortia and Internet technology companies. SBK has built an integrated blockchain public chain and blockchain DeFi ecosystem. According to the issuance and distribution of SBK Token. 50% of SBK's chips will be produced in mobile pledge mining. The current data is displayed on the blockchain chain. SBK has burned and circulated 10%. SBK's mining ecology will be announced globally, and the ecology can be operated across chains. And in order to support the large-scale adoption of encrypted currency for users to experience, the exchange, storage and transmission of encrypted currency have been carried out. Its cross-chain enables any digital asset to be transferred within a few seconds, and the network cost is close to zero, releasing huge value for the entire industry.

In this context, Smart Block Foundation and the project operator jointly decided to establish more consensus groups for the project. With immediate effect, SBK 60-day ecological mining will be announced and opened globally. To this end, starting today, a reward mechanism for mining pools will be introduced. Until December 10, 2021, start the mining machine to receive three-day rewards. The Smart Block consensus group will jointly open a new era of blockchain.